Managed by SNGM Educational and Cultural Trust, Thuravoor.
Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Affiliation No.930596

Valamangalam South P.O., Thuravoor, Cherthala, Alappuzha,Kerala-688 532
Phone:04782564858, 04782156056 ( HS Section) ( UP Section)
Name of Manager: Sri.P.SANAKAN  (Chairman, SNGM E & C Trust)
Special Officer : S.SANEESH ( Vice Chairman, SNGM E & C Trust)


S.N.G.M.Senior Secondary School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi .The school prepares  the students for  All India Secondary School Examination at the end of class X and the Senior School Certificate Examination on completion of the +2 level.

Special care is being taken  to incorporate activities and programs designed  to nourish the innate abilities of children and  encourage them to blossom into personalities of inherent value and worth.

Our Mission:


To develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty and compassion


To promote the spirit of enquiry


To foster scientific temper within the bonds of humanism


To help the student become a meaningful part of his/her environment


To see that courage and industry have their due rewards


To give every child the opportunity to blossom in a non-judgmental and loving environment that guides them in their pursuit of excellence.

Our Philosophy:


To facilitate the learning process with focus on experiential learning thus not merely teaching rather training the child to explore, experience and imbibe.


To emphasise the process of learning, more than the process of examining and certification, where assessment and evaluation will reflect the all round personality and development of the child.


To provide an environment that is congenial for nurturing the innate abilities of the child, where the child is secure physically and emotionally thus able to exercise the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.


To incorporate the emerging trends in education that aid the learning process, ensuring that the Indian ethos and universal values do not get eroded.


To train the faculty periodically in upgrading their skills, to meet the changing trends in education and the growing demands of the teaching- learning process.


To inculcate values that help develop confident, competent, responsible individuals who can demonstrate leadership and excellence in all they do.


To evolve a system of learning that enhances creativity, instilling a sense of purpose, adventure and enjoyment in the learning process.


To admit students without discrimination, providing for the economically weak and the differently abled.

The school aims at the shaping of the   all-round personality of the students besides keeping them constantly in the track of academic excellence. With this in view  students are exposed to various extra curricular  activities. The News Club (Samachar), The Nature Club (Prakriti) Science Club (Sastra) as well as the sports and games activities in the school. help in expanding the level and range of awareness and talents  in students.  

Primary education has been identified as the most crucial stage in the education of a child. The aim of the Choice Primary is to provide a sound foundation in the development of a child’s personality and his / her understanding of good and bad.

The Primary students are housed in a colourful building with vibrant interiors that captures the interest and stimulate the imagination of these young minds. The various themes depicted on the walls, such as the sea world, the rain forests and the galaxy, help create a strong visual impact and provide students with an appealing atmosphere for learning.

The children of the primary school begin their day with an assembly where music takes center stage. They also participate actively in renditions of classical music, which forms an integral part of the assembly. The class assemblies give every child an opportunity to shed inhibitions and expose their talents.

Field trips and nature walks also form an interesting part of the curriculum. Children are also encouraged to actively participate in various sports activities. Children of the primary school are introduced to computers from Class 3. The Junior Library develops reading habits in young children through fun-based activities, dramatics, listening to audio-tapes etc. The creative urge in children is further enhanced with art and craft activities. Children are also provided options to further enhance their theatrical, physical and artistic skills.

To sum up, the prime focus at the Choice Primary is to promote activity-based knowledge in a child-friendly environment.

Library Facility

Every class has one library period per week and every child can check-out one book per week. An ongoing Book Club and Reader’s Club offer books at discounted rates and conduct book readings / book talks on a regular basis.Book fairs, exhibitions and competitions such as Book Review, Cover Design, Poetry and Story writing are also held from time to time.

Junior Library

 At the Junior Library we inculcate a love for books and motivate the little ones to read regularly. Through dramatized storytelling and story reading we help kick-start the reading habit among young children. Information-seeking exercises initiate the use of dictionaries, atlases and reference books

The Senior Library

With a variety of informative and engaging books, the Senior Library is reinforced with instructions on sourcing & collection of information and writing projects and assignments. Allowing students to understand the benefits of the library and the responsibilities involved in book issuing and return, the Senior Library is truly a treasure trove of information.


The application forms for admission can be collected from the school, when the Admission date is announced by the Management. Outstation applicants may collect the forms from the school office through relatives/friends. Normally, admission commences from January.

The Treasure  Trough

Yoga and meditation to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind are regular features of the school.. Daily prayer and meditation of a secular nature are parts of the daily routine at the school. Expert guidance is always provided in this. Wherever it is found to be of help such guidance would be made available to the parents as well.


Counseling is available for students of all levels and parents. The parents may feel free to call the school whenever they feel the need.


Daily trips of college buses are available for the students and facul ties from Cherthala, Alappuzha, Ernakulam  and Kottayam covering all the nearby towns

Hostel Facility

Accommodation is provided for both girls and boys separately in the college campus itself. Hostel fees: Rs 30,000/- per academic year for food and accommodation, payable in advance. This is for the academic year 2011-12 and is subject to revision every year.